Conscious Connection

Lichaam en geest in balans met RECONNECTIVE HEALING®.

Who am I?

Caspar Veeger

Caspar's Hands 5,2

For as long as I can remember, I have been searching for the mystery of life. Who are we, why are we here and what can we do to give more depth to our being here?

The journey to my inner self and the tendency to project this outside of myself, confused me many times. As I have become more balanced along the way, the expression ‘As Without-So Within’ – ‘As Above-So Below’ made more more sense to me.

From an early age I was already empathic and tactile. I massaged relatives and friends on a regular base, because I could trace and reduce their stress. Also when people were suffering from a headache I put my hands on each side of their head and let the energy just flow to ease the pain.

Later when I started my bodywork professionally, I discovered how different everyone is and at the same time, how many similarities we actually have. Although everyone has its own pace and obstacles, we acquire a similar path and comparable insights to create awareness. In 1992 I followed a training Bodyshift Massage with Barry Pluke. Since then I have been working about 20 years at different massage studios and a number of five-star hotels in Amsterdam.

In 2009, when I read something about Reconnective Healing® for the first time, I was immediately extremely fascinated. This was very recognisable and yet new. This was directly appealing to my highly sensitive nature. I was so excited that in the same year I started the training Reconnective Healing® and the Reconnection® with Eric Pearl. When I discovered I did my healing-work with so much dedication and passion and that I could tune-in much more into the development program of my clients, I finally decided to throw my massage-towel in the ring. I am currently working with great satisfaction as a Reconnective Healing Practitioner in my own practice.