Conscious Connection

Lichaam en geest in balans met RECONNECTIVE HEALING®.

The Reconnection

The Reconnection is a unique event, you only need to experience once in a lifetime. Originally the meridians and energy points of our body were connected to the energy field that surrounds the earth. Famous powerspots like Sedona and Machu Picchu were crossed here. Gradually as we are disconnected from the network, we experience this as a form of separation. The Reconnection re-connects us with ourselves, the earth and the universe, so we use these unique vibration levels and frequencies for our evolution!

The Reconnection covers two sessions of about forty-five minutes on two consecutive days. During the sessions the patterns around the body will be lined-up with the original blueprint of our system and the vibration levels that are surrounding us. So it’s a spiritual update.

Many people experience a deep feeling of connection and unity. Strengthening intuition increases the self-confidence and a sense of homecoming. This is an accelerated development process, which fuels life destiny.

Note: It is recommended (though not required) to undergo one to three sessions of Reconnective Healing prior to receiving The Reconnection.


Axionale lijnen 02


The Reconnection connects us with the new “axiatonal lines”, which enable unique vibration levels and frequencies for our health and ultimately for our evolution. This means that existing and new axial and tonal lines are re-connected again and our DNA is fed. This allows healing to psychological, mental, emotional and spiritual level.